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@Megami 18/03/2019

“Kneel!” he commanded. “Up on your toes!”

I obeyed immediately, moving into position then waiting for his next order. He gripped the back of my neck and a fistfull of hair, forcing me to bend forwards. I resisted his push, not out of disobedience, but because I knew he liked to be forceful with me.

Placing a flogger in my hands he told me “lick this floor clean” then he dug his finger and thumb into my neck, making cry out. “Don’t dare lift your face from the floor, or I’ll make you fucking regret it!” he yelled.

That was our signal. He knew that I would not dream of moving without permission, but threatening me let me know that I could unleash my inner brat. He was not going to make me comply easily, he would have to push very hard to force me back to obedience.

In the end he would win, and I would meekly beg to be forgiven. But for now, we were in for a very intense scene.

#BDSM #postsformegami

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